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T & Cs

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This guide will explain how Designs2grow goes about the process of building your web-site. The length of time this process takes can vary, depending on how much of the information you have ready. We work with you at the beginning to agree on your time-scale.

1. Brief: We begin by asking you lots of questions. We will want to know about your business, about your reasons for wanting a web-site, and even things such as asking you for your favourite web-sites and favourite colours! This is not so that we can copy them!!! It is to get a clearer understanding of the type of web-sites that appeal to you and your business. At this stage we also ask for a deposit to begin the work.

2. Designs: As soon as the brief has been confirmed, and the deposit has been received, we will start the process of designing the look and layout of the site.

3. Design Agreement: We show you our ideas either by using a demo site, or by emailing you with copies of our work. This can often be the longest part of the process as we work together to arrive at exactly the look and style which suits you and your business objectives. We will work with until you are entirely happy with the final design. This is the most crucial stage, as we move now to the actual creation of the agreed site.

4. Site Creation: We now take the design as agreed by you, and create the actual site. This involves us collating all the content you have given us, along with any images and other information we may need. During this stage, we will be in regular contact with to check our progress, and to discuss details such as email addresses and to start thinking about search engine optimisation.

5. Going Live: Once complete, we will show you what the final site looks like. Once you are happy with it, and once we have made any further alterations you require, we will ask for your final payment, and then we go live. Once live, we will contact you to confirm all the details you will need to run your site, such as email addresses and set-up information, site statistics information etc. We will also register your site with the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

6. Ongoing: The creation of a web-site is not a one-off relationship. We work with you throughout the year, and beyond, to enhance your site, to update it, and to ensure it is meeting your objectives. We look after our clients!